Agreement Documentation Definition

The standard AIA documents contain definitions of the above terms very similar to those of the EJPC (see AIA® A101TM, AIA® A201TM and AIA® A701TM). However, the AIA documents indicate what constitutes “contractual documents” in both the agreement and the terms and conditions of sale, thus creating the potential for conflicting requirements. In the following definition of the EJCDC® C-700, note that “Shop Drawings” is not part of the contractual documents: the agreement is the most fundamental document in a package of construction contracts. It is essentially “the contract,” a basis on which the rest of the details of the project are built. This document sets out what the overall purpose of the contract is and the price of the contract. A preliminary meeting should be held after the contractor is appointed. This is an opportunity for the project team to meet (perhaps for the first time) and plan their activities. The minutes of the preliminary meeting may, subject to the agreement of both parties, be part of the contractual documents (for all procurement channels). Whenever a treaty contains conflicting provisions; there should be a priority totempol to determine which document is a priority.

As a result, many contracts contain a “ranking clause” that specifically addresses this issue. A standard series begins with all the change orders, agreement, special conditions, terms and conditions, specifications, drawings, and then all other documents constituting the contractual documents. The agreement may be a standard document as provided by AIA or ConsensusDocs or tailored to the needs of a particular project. The form depends on how the payment of the contract is set up. Contract documents under NEC contracts include: Contract documentation includes the development of complete and adapted documents, including work plans and specifications, suitable for tenders and construction work. Architects Owe More than DrawingsAIA Owner-Architect Agreements require the architect to establish design specifications during the design phase and specifications during the construction document phase. Specifications – the other contract documentIf the designs are the silver standard of construction documents, the specifications are the platinum standard.

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