Be Blank Mind In Agreement Crossword Clue

What makes ENY less effective than other letter combinations? Look at the words that match the other indications (MANY, ZANY, TINY, BONY, PONEY, PUNY). In any case, the stress is on the first syllable, and the Y has short language; and this applies not only to the word, but also to the manner in which the three-letter warning would be pronounced on its own. This means that if you are trying to find a word that sounds – rhymes with, has the same pattern of stress as — the clue is probably that you succeed. (Note that sound play is better in some cases than in others – MANY is the usual way of pronouncing anything better than ZANY, for example, but the voltage pattern matches in both cases.) When I later returned to this indication, some of the letters had been filled with sharp words. Now, in addition to the semantic index, I`ve had the structural information _UDE_A_N_. I doubt the lens came to mind, but I also discovered that the star target of “Run Silent, Run Deep”? ETHELWATERS finally realized that the puzzle title, Typecasting, was a reference to some of the longer goals that were puns in the name of movie stars. All this was enough for CLAUDERAINS to be evocative, which turned out to be the right thing to do. The recognition of the subject made the search for other goals, such as ZEROMOSTEL for star of “A lot of teen on nothing”? and NATALIEWOOD to star in “The Petrified Forest”?, much simpler. H.M. is known to students of amnesia as a highly studied person who had a normal memory for events prior to 1953, but severe amnesia for events that occurred after that period (Gabrieli, Cohen, Corkin, 1988; Kensinger, Ullman, Corkin, 2001). Amnesia was caused by surgical resection of medial temporal lobe structures to control otherwise uncontrollable epileptic seizures. Among the many published studies on the impact of the procedure on the cognitive abilities of H.M. one of Skotko et al.

(2004) was triggered by the fact that H.M., then a 70-year-old man, had made his entire adult life a pastime of crossword puzzles.

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